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August 7, 2020

Newly discovered protein mechanism will help develop more effective biopesticides
Revelen el mecanisme d'activació de la proteïna insecticida Vip3A que ajudarà a desenvolupar biopesticides més efectius
Desvelan el mecanismo de activación de la proteína insecticida Vip3A que ayudará a desarrollar biopesticidas más efectivos

Researchers discover how plants distinguish beneficial from harmful microbes

Tomato brown rugose fruit virus: Best practice findings from Europe and Israel

August 6, 2020

USDA/APHIS seeks feedback on list of animal and plant pest and disease threats

Vive Crop Protection and Marrone Bio Innovations join forces to bring next-generation crop protection solutions to growers

Undiagnosed disease on rice in Assam, India

Primary BioAg Innovations and Global BioAg Linkages welcome bioag industry veteran Pam Marrone as Chair of the Board of Directors - New companies aim to drive business success and market adoption in the BioAg industry

5 tips on protecting your hemp crops from diseases (Hemp Industry Daily)

August 5, 2020

Agri-tech plots to prevent bacterial blight in crops

An annotated list of plant viruses and viroids described in Brazil (1926-2018)
Lista comentada de vírus e viróides de planta descritos no Brasil (1926-2018)

International Seed Testing Association's Reference PEST List – v6.0 now available online

August 4, 2020

Colorado State University’s Jan Leach wins highest award in plant pathology

August 3, 2020

France - Crise de la betterave : la région Centre-Val de Loire est la plus touchée (France Info)

July 31, 2020

Breeding for bremia

Stem rust on wheat in Ireland

Researchers hope to stop the spread of bacterial spot in tomatoes (Greenhouse Grower)

July 30, 2020

Controlling clubroot through top resistance plant breeding - Syngenta TopRes technology combines robust clubroot resistance into leading brassica variety genetics

Dairyland Seeds' Agronomy Update: Leaf-feeding insects in soybeans, Looking ahead to 2021, Ninth Circuit Court decision

CABI BioProtection Portal now available in Spain

YSA - Syngenta launches three innovative fungicides to help superintendents improve disease control - Ascernity, Posterity XT and Posterity Forte fungicides are new options for controlling key diseases in warm- and cool-season turf

Kansas State University unveils Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings 2020

Sementes Jotabasso, em parceria com a Fundação MT promovem treinamento sobre manejo de doenças da soja

July 29, 2020

Deutschland - Ramularia schädigt Getreidebestände - Bundessortenamt führt neue Einstufung ein

Brasil - Novo biofungicida da BASF permite controle de doenças em frutas e hortaliças - Duravel oferece benefícios no manejo de resistência a fungos e bactérias

July 28, 2020

EPPO Reporting Service no. 7 - 2020

BASF’s innovative new fungicide, Revystar, approved for use on New Zealand barley and wheat

First report of emerging impatiens necrotic spot virus on lettuce in Greece

Fungal foot rot on rice in Haryana, India

Undiagnosed disease on cabbage in North Korea

July 24, 2020

New genetic analysis advances the global quest for yellow rust resistant wheat
Nuevo análisis genético global avanza el desarrollo de trigo resistente a la roya amarilla





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