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New Zealand seed exports reach almost NZ$240 million

New Zealand
January 31, 2020

  • Grain and seed exports were valued at nearly $240m in 2019
  • Largest export categories are: pasture seed $109m, vegetable seed $108m, cereal seed $23m
  • Top export destinations by value: Netherlands, Australia, USA.

A strong global demand for NZ seed has seen export sales grow to $239.4m (FOB) in calendar 2019.

According to the latest trade data, from StatsNZ, seed exports values have grown 38% from $173m five years ago.

Whilst NZ exports more than 30 different seed types internationally pasture seed and vegetable seed were the key export categories.

Ryegrass and clover provided $ 109m in sales.

And carrot seed, radish and beet seed and other brassica seed contributed $108m.

Exports of speciality grain seed provide both diversification and increased value through being GM free.

NZ Grain and Seed Trade Association general manager Thomas Chin says the NZ seed trade is competitive on the world stage and can sell at a premium because we can provide reliable and high quality supply. Strong customer relationships and trust is also at the heart of the NZs export success.

“Moreover, our counter-season production of seed arrives to fill the Northern hemisphere spring and autumn sowing windows.

More than 80% of NZs seed production is in the Canterbury region centred in and around the Ashburton district encompassing 38,000 hectares of certified crop.

Major export destinations include Continental Europe, Australia, the USA, China and Japan. Together they account for around 75% of the total exports.

Chin said growth in the export turnover is a significant indicator that NZ is producing high quality seed and growth also corresponds also to increase in demand from overseas customers.



More news from: New Zealand Grain & Seed Trade Association (NZGSTA)

Website: http://www.nzgsta.co.nz

Published: January 31, 2020

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