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United Kingdom - The 'Vibrance Effect' strikes again on Agrii iFarm

United Kingdom
August 4, 2020

Gordon Rennie, host of the Agrii iFarm cereal and oil seed trials, experienced a tough season like many others. He shared with us the effects he’d seen from Vibrance Duo on his second cereal wheat plots, and how this boosted the crop’s resilience through a drought period followed by high rainfall.

“Stenton Farm is 680 acres in the East Neuk of Fife near the coast and our soils are light sandy loams.

We had only 8 ml of rain during April and May this year which put all the crops on our sandy soils under severe drought stress. Any irrigation had to be prioritised to potatoes, so we were unable to irrigate the iFarm plots. Following this we had plenty of rain, but it arrived too late to undo any drought/stress damage. It was also a second cereals site. 

As we approached mid-July, I noticed some striking difference in our wheat plots. I could see a clear advantage where we used Vibrance Duo seed treatment.

We had two 24 x 3 metre blocks of Elation wheat. One was sown with Vibrance Duo seed treatment and the adjacent plot was sown from seed treated with a competitor SPD.

The advantage of Vibrance Duo was obvious, showing excellent green leaf retention in comparison to loss of leaf due to premature senescence in the other plots.

As growers, we must take every step available to attain maximum yield potential and sowing seed treated with Vibrance Duo is an excellent first step on that journey.”


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Published: August 4, 2020

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