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August 10, 2020

Ein Blick auf die Schwach­stellen der Kritiken von Gentechnik-Gegnern und wie man ihnen begegnet (Labor Journal)

August 7, 2020

Decline in public plant breeding programs across the United States could impact food security

Think quality when harvesting maize - Quality not quantity should be the watch word when planning the maize harvest according to Brian Copestake from maize seed specialists LG Seeds

August 6, 2020

SeedTALK: Share your thoughts about Seeds Canada

Canada - Plenty of upside to new seed body (Observer)

Global crisis requires cross-border cooperation, says Syngenta CEO

August 3, 2020

Farmer attitudes on climate change

Can America's big cotton industry go green? (Forbes)

July 31, 2020

Forschen für die Anpassung an den Klimawandel

America has corn and Asia has rice. It’s time Australia had a native staple food - Most countries have a staple food: native, fast-growing and easy-to-store plants high in carbohydrates (The Australian)

July 30, 2020

How global responses to COVID-19 threaten global food security

Are cover crops negatively impacting row crops?

Post-pandemic brave new world of agriculture - Innovations in agriculture and food supply in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Dairyland Seeds' Agronomy Update: Leaf-feeding insects in soybeans, Looking ahead to 2021, Ninth Circuit Court decision

A look behind the seed scene - After consolidation, seed companies prepare for pressures and new paths (AgWeb)

Ghana - The obnoxious Plant Breeders' Bill is back to Parliament (Modern Ghana)

India - Conducive regulation for adoption of new plant breeding technologies (ANI)

Report provides new framework for understanding climate risks, impacts to U.S. agriculture

CIMMYT Senior Scientist Sudha Nair helps bridge the gap between maize breeding and genetics, applies genomics in maize breeding to achieve higher genetic gains

July 29, 2020

Decline of bees, other pollinators threatens U.S. crop yields - Largest study of its kind highlights risk to global food security

Deutschland - Forschende von 8 Landesuniversitäten plus 1 Max-Planck-Institut sprechen sich für Wiederauflage des Genome Editing-Programms aus

Deutsches Maiskomitee veröffentlicht Positionspapier zum Maisanbau

Germany: Regarding the patentability of plants and animals in Europe – The G 3/19 decision ("pepper") of the European Patent Office (Mondaq)

July 28, 2020

Biotecnologia pode aumentar produção de óleo de sementes

Building capacity in collecting and conserving crop wild relatives

Parlamentarios británicos piden un cambio legislativo para impulsar las herramientas de mejora genética

The scientific community urges the European Union to revise the GMO Directive to reflect current knowledge on genome editing

USA - Caution urged after mystery seed mailings

Un 25 de julio de 1920 nacía Rosalind Franklin - Ella fue la primera en obtener una fotografia del ADN, clave para comprender su estructura de doble hélice

July 27, 2020

Paraguay - El uso de semillas certificadas garantiza una producción exitosa, afirman (La Nación)


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The Triumph of Seeds

How Grains, Nuts, Kernels, Pulses, and Pips Conquered the Plant Kingdom and Shaped Human History

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The History and Science of Plant Breeding

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