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September 25, 2020

Pluton Biosciences launches new website highlighting microbial testing division Microbe Inotech

5 fundamentals to improve plant health and operational cotential

Self-limiting ‘friendly’ technology offers hope for controlling fall armyworm without pesticides

Canadian students receive C$90,000 in support from Bayer Fund’s Opportunity Scholarship

A Comissão de Sementes e Mudas do estado do Paraná (CSM/PR) promove o Encontro Técnico: "Qualidade e Legislação de Sementes"

September 24, 2020

This is a flip 'the switch moment' for the future of food

Innovationstag Zuckerrübe bei Strube - Roboter, App und Analysetechnik

RAGT Seeds UK appoints a new Managing Director

The Philippines - Rice seed distribution in Region 12 all set

National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and German Research Foundation to host virtual conference on the regulation of genome-edited plants in the EU
Leopoldina und DFG veranstalten virtuelle Konferenz zur Regulierung genomeditierter Pflanzen in der EU

Creating healthy soils pay dividends

Warum Winterackerbohne anbauen? Die ideale Winterleguminose zur Auflockerung Ihrer Fruchtfolge

Consistent yields, competitiveness against grass weeds and excellent marketability make Elsoms' wheat Elicit a solid variety choice for autumn drilling

Österreich - Wiederauferstehung der frühen Sojasorten

Première Bejo varieties - Organic

Winfield United Croplan Seed to Yield reports

WinField United Canada and Country Farm Seeds are entering a partnership that will benefit farmers across eastern Canada (Farms.com)

L'interprofession des semences et plants est un moteur dans le développement de l'agriculture biologique en France

Registration is now open for the American Seed Trade Association's CSS & Seed Expo Virtual

Artificial Intelligence best-practices in agriculture can help bridge the digital divide while tackling food insecurity

Introducing Total Seed Production’s new Soybean Supervisor: Brandon Eisele

Valent BioSciences announces creation of new Chief Commercial Officer position and other organizational and reporting changes to drive growth

BASF Vegetable Seeds invests in autonomous growing - Data-driven, connected and sustainable vegetable production is the future

Hem Genetics' new introductions 2020

Adama increases its digital transformation with disease prediction application, powered by Pessl Instruments

Bejo: Verbesserstes Coating und neue Farbe für Bio-Saatgut (Gabot)

Williams Collins continues support for agricultural innovation with gift to the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative

Variedade de cebolas Seminis em campo: Duster, Nomad e Campo Lindo

Sementes Jotabasso participa de campanha no Orbia

Pesquisa irá criar biodefensivos de uso tópico para controle de plantas daninhas, insetos-praga e doenças para as principais culturas agrícolas





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