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June 5, 2020

Período que proíbe o cultivo da soja no Paraná começa no dia 10 de junho

Como proteger as sementes de soja? Técnicas beneficiam a produção e contribuem para a alta produtividade

Why are there so many kinds of bitter gourd?

Syngenta desarrolla una nueva herramienta digital para la protección y conservación del suelo y agua

Deutschland - Neu im Raps von Syngenta: Sorte Aganos mit Sicherheitspaket testen

Deutschland - Dinkelmehl-Erzeugung in vier Jahren fast verdoppelt

June 4, 2020

Nuseed in omega-3 oil production from canola to sell to salmon farmers (The Weekly Times)
Aceite de canola transgénica alta en omega-3 sale a la venta: Chile sería un mercado inicial (ChileBio)

Justin Ingalls joins Nuseed Americas as Commercial Sales Lead

Nuseed Americas' omega-3 canola planting in Montana, emergence update

Calyxt’s high oleic low linolenic soybean deemed non-regulated by U.S. Department of Agriculture - Company expands product portfolio with next generation product candidate anticipated in 2022

Brasil, CTNBio - Accesse a deliberações da 232ª Reunião Ordinária da Comissão Técnica Nacional de Biossegurança, de 04 de junho de 2020 

Ärger für Bayer und BASF: Dicamba kann in USA vorerst nicht mehr verkauft werden  (Handelsblatt)

US-Gericht entzieht Zulassung für Dicamba - Richter in San Francisco sind der Ansicht, dass die US-Umweltbehörde EPA das Mittel Dicamba nicht ausreichend auf Risiken geprüft hatte. Daher sei die Zulassung ungültig (Top Agrar)

Tillage and cover cropping effects on grain production

Plant detectives develop new way to trace global spread of major plant disease

The roots of a staple crop - UC Santa Barbara researcher's work reveals maize became a key food source in Central America 4,700 years ago

European Food Safety Authority - Outcome of the consultation with Member States and EFSA on the basic substance application for approval of Equisetum arvense L. for the extension of use in plant protection against fungal diseases on horticulture and vegetable crops

Yellow shoes and breeding winter wheat at DSV United Kingdom

United Kingdom - Success for DSV on the new Grass Recommended List

United Kingdom - Grass Breeding at DSV

Assosementi: al via presso l'Università della Tuscia il primo corso di laurea in produzione sementiera e vivaismo

GMO-seed maker Kaveri Seed Co. says sales are immune to India’s economic slump (The Economic Times)

Seed meets Technology 2020 cancelled - Seed meets Technology 2021 scheduled for 21 to 23 September, 2021

South Australian grain dealer jailed for illegally exporting lucerne seeds to Saudi Arabia (ABC News)

Digital seed business will grow post-coronavirus (Successful Farming)

India’s seed sales seen growing at fastest pace in 7 years despite economic slump - Modi govt decision to exempt farms from the lockdown has given a boost to demand, Kaveri Seed says (The Print)

Burkina Faso - Diverses variétés de semences améliorées pour la satisfaction des producteurs (RTB)

“Au Tchad, les semences améliorées sont moins connues” (Tchadinfos)

Research to improve soil health takes root at New Mexico State University

The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) and the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR) partner to fund soil health research at Montana State University





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