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May 7, 2021

South Africa - Declining trend in sorghum production to continue

Malaysia - Grain and feed, annual report

Global processing expanding access to Soyleic soybeans and oil

Colombia - Expertos dialogarán sobre normatividad, requisitos y perspectivas de la importación y exportación de semillas

May 5, 2021

Malaysia - Cotton and products, annual report

May 4, 2021

Haiti - Grain and feed, annual report

Canadian canola exports could increase on bio-diesel demand (Lethbridge News)

May 3, 2021

From seed in Zambia to fields in the Democratic Republic Of Congo (Agrilinks)

India - Maharashtra complains about restrictions on soybean seed movement from Madhya Pradesh (Financial Express)

Australia - Grain and feed, annual report

Argentina - Sugar, annual report

April 28, 2021

Deutschland - Leichter Rückgang der Maisanbaufläche

European Unioin - Sugar, annual report

Bangladesh - Cotton and products, annual report

Sementes piratas causam rombo de R$ 500 milhões ao Paraná

Senegal - Grain and feed, annual report

Russian Federation - Agricultural biotechnology, annual report

April 27, 2021

Saatenstandsbericht Nr. 1 für Sommergerste in Deutschland – Stand: 23. April 2021

Argentina to almost double sorghum production to 3.5m mt: BCR (AgriCensus)

Thailand: the tomato processing industry in 2020

Deutschland - Saatgut mittelständischer Züchter ist gefragt (BW Agrar)

Ukraine - Grain and feed, annual report

Cambodia - Grain and feed, annual report

Limagrain Europe is now the No. 1 European breeder of winter oilseed rape in both the certified and hybrid seed markets
Semillas LG, el nuevo líder europeo en Colza de Invierno

April 26, 2021

USA - Vegetables and pulses data

Maroc - Une bonne récolte au niveau de Casablanca-Settat - La région a par ailleurs connu un renforcement du programme de multiplication des semences des céréales notamment en blé dur et orge (Aujourd'hui Le Maroc)

Madagascar - Le riz hybride gagne du terrain (News Mada)

France - Les semenciers de betteraves ont mis les bouchées doubles (Terres et Territoires)

Australia - Sugar, annual report

Argentina - Grain and feed, annual report



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